the biggest rental pool of
virtual reality headsets
in Africa.

The Oculus Go

The Best Wireless Headset on the Market for Events & Pop-Up Cinemas.

Our rental pool of 50 Oculus Gos are the driving force behind our virtual reality experiences.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s wireless. We waited months for this device to be released because of its ease of use and killer screen resolution, which is 37% higher than an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, making it the best virtual reality display currently on the market.

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The World’s Best Activation Headset.

These versatile VR goggles have a combination of features that no others offer:

  • Wireless - no PC or cables required offering true portability
  • Synchronisable - play them individually or together like a cinema
  • Interactive - they come with a wireless tracked controller
  • Dynamic focus adjustment for all ranges of eye focus (incl. with glasses)
  • Proximity sensor to save battery life when the headset is not on a person’s face
  • Removable/replaceable foam surrounds for hygiene
  • Breathability

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    Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Because Sound is Half the Experience.

    We have chosen the Sennheiser HD206s as our audio tool of choice due to superior sound quality.

    Because total immersion is the ultimate goal of virtual reality, these headphones will eliminate the omni-present buzz & mutter from conferences and exhibitions, allowing total engagement in the virtual world.

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    VR has sometimes been looked at as a very solitary experience. With up to 50 complete VR kits, synchronised to play back at the same time, mass virtual reality experiences are now possible. Choose any number of headsets.

    Battery Life

    With an effective custom-built charging grid, we can keep all units playing content indefinitely with little to no disruption in a constant flow of people.

    Experienced Events Team

    Our team has the technical and social skills to make sure your event runs smoothly. All floor staff are trained extensively in the hardware as well as guest relations.

    Synchronised playback

    Allow your audience to seamlessly experience VR without any manual fumbling or technical confusion. Our centralised control app allows us to trigger all headsets simultaneously at the press of a button.

    Unique Experience

    Virtual reality is still new to most people - take credit for giving your audiences a truly memorable, truly different experience.

    An end to death by powerpoint

    VR offers something totally different to the usual stage, expo or activation layout. We’ve never been able to immerse people in other environments before, until now.